Whether you are wanting to create one off designs or batch productions, the FabKit is the most powerful entry level manufacturing machine on the market.


With an unrivaled feature set, the FabKit is designed to provide makers with the maximum amount of versatility and control over their system.


Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the FabKit offers unprecedented value for money, providing an attractive and speedy return on investment.


Whether you are a community space, looking to start a new business or wanting to expand your existing production, the FabKit is the machine for you!




Designed to be a Kit.

While a DIY kit is a great weekend project for some, for others it can be quite an intimidating a task.

However fear not! The FabKit is a DIY machine from concept, which means we have designed it from the ground up to ensure ease of construction and maintenance!

Hardware assembly?

All you need to build the FabKit is a set of screwdrivers and a spanner.
The  assembly is broken into stages, each stage corresponds with a bag of components with all the needed parts for that step.

Electronics assembly?

No soldering, No crimping, all cables are the correct length, labelled, striped and crimped. Packaged in sub-assemblies its a simple case of grabbing the bag for the next step in the manual and plugging it in the corresponding locations.


Updates and improvements?

We have been listening carefully to our first customers and have modified the manual and instructions based on feedback.

The manual is still currently under construction, however it is 'functional'. Customers who order a Mk5 FabKit can expect a polished off solution with video guides and an experienced community of users.

You can view the current manual here.


The FabKit has a massive cutting area of 680mm x 460mm.

That is big enough to cut and engrave A2 and provide a little extra around the edges, making aligning the material or object being engraved hassle free.

The FabKit also has an motorized Z axis providing 130mm of movement. meaning there is plenty of space for tall engraves and rotary features

All this space is in a machine of only 1150*750*450mm!*

Quality is what counts, and at FabCreator we believe in striving for highest level of quality at the most affordable price.

We want to ensure the FabKit is a product that will last for years to come.

To achieve this, every part of the FabKit's ecosystem has been carefully selected to ensure quality and reliability.

The FabKit is an All Metal Design; all custom components are constructed using high precision milled and laser cut aluminium.

The FabKit was designed with the intention to run 24/7, making it a power house for production for any small business or FabLab.

Making with the FabKit Laser






Whether it is natural wood or plywood, the FabKit can cut and engrave it. We have successfully cut up to 12mm poplar plywood with the pro grade laser tube.


The most common laser cut plastic is acrylic, which has the best results when cutting and engraving. Other plastics can also be cut, but it is important to look at their material safety data sheet to ensure they do not contain chlorine and other toxic chemicals which could damage the machine and your health.


Textiles can easily be cut with the FabKit. It is precise, accurate and provides clean cuts every time. We recommend using a honeycomb bed for cutting textiles.


With the FabKit you cannot cut or engrave bare metals. You can however engrave anodized and powder coated metals or use a marking spray which allows you to mark them.



CO2 lasers are able to work with a huge variety of materials. This makes them a great tool for creating a whole range of designs, products and prototypes.

Whether you are creating Art, Jewellery, Sign Making, Architectural Models, Puzzles or are just looking for highly accurate cutting and engraving, the FabKit is the tool for you

The FabKit houses a high quality 40W  DC CO2 Laser,

This differs greatly from the common 40W laser you would find in a standard Chinese import.

Although not quite as good as an RF laser, at a 10th the price it comes pretty close. We believe its the perfect middle ground for a compact affordable industrial laser cutter.

In comparison to other lesser quality DC laser tubes of the same rated power, the FabKit is able to cut up to 3 times as faster than your average 40w Chinese import laser!

Example speeds with for poplar plywood are:


Cutting speeds up to 30mm/s with 3mm poplar plywood.


Cutting speeds up to 3mm/s with 12mm poplar plywood.

Laser raster up to 100mm/s*

*Currently firmware issues are limiting our raster speed of grey scale images to 100mm/s,

faster speeds are achievable with high contrast black and white images.

The FabKit uses the powerful and open-source laser cutting software, LaserWeb.

Built by a dedicated team of people, Laserweb is quickly becoming the number one laser cutting program for standard    G- code driven machines.

With a whole range of advanced features ranging from full greyscale raster engraving, to complex multi operation jobs, Laserweb can do it all with more excited features being added and planned for.

Learn more about the software at the following links:

Documentation at:   GITHUB

Community group: G+ community
GitHub page:  GitHub/laserweb4


The FabKit has been meticulously designed to be used by makers. It is a careful balance of features and affordability , delivering a high quality, easy to maintain machine.


To create a simple, cost effective laser cutter, we had to rethink machine design. Using sheet metal and specially developed nuts, we are able to achieve a ridged shape whilst reducing components and cost.

Moving tube

The FabKit moves the tube on the Y Axis, by shortening the laser path we ensure minimal power loss, in addition to hassle free alignment and a more compact overall design.


The FabKit is designed to be a Class 1 laser product. It is equipped with several important features to keep you safe, namely dual defeat interlocks, a key switch, an emergency stop, warning lights along with safety labels and instructions for use.

Auto Focus

No more guessing focal points, or messing around with a focal tool. The FabKit automatically adjusts to the perfect focal point with a click of a button.

Stand alone

The FabKit is completely stand alone, allowing you to prepare, save and run jobs directly on the machine. This makes it a powerful tool for those with frequent repetitive jobs and in a workshop environment.

Optimal Air Flow

Our custom designed laser head and nozzle are designed to make the most from the air flow. Not only maintaining a clean lens but also maximizing cutting efficiency and providing clean cuts.

100% Duty cycle

Thanks to the active refrigerant chiller included as standard, the FabKit can run for as long as you need it to. No over heating, reduced power or downtime for cooling required!


With an all metal design and high quality components, The FabKit is made to last. The FabKit comes with a two year warranty*. (See website for details)

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